Pro Bono:

Pro Bono work is work done without charging a fee. Many of the barristers who are members of PEBA are registered with organisations and charities whose aim is to help people with problems in the town and country planning and environmental law fields.

PEBA encourages and supports members’ involvement in pro bono work. The Handbook refers to two of the many organisations for which our members undertake pro bono work. They are the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the Environmental Law Foundation. Contact details for the Environmental Law Foundation can be found on the Links page of this website. The website for the Bar Pro Bono Unit is In addition, a number of our members are legal volunteers for the charity Planning Aid for London.

Work for all these organisations can range from giving legal advice by telephone or email, to appearing at public inquiries. Planning Aid has several branches around the country and always welcomes any new legal volunteers. If any members would like to know a little more about what is involved in volunteering for pro bono work they should contact our PEBA committee member responsible for such work: William Upton at 6 Pump Court, Temple, London.