Any Member of PEBA may accept instructions from:

  • A solicitor  
  • A Member of one of the professional bodies approved by the Bar Council under the 'BarDirect' scheme including the RICS, RTPI, RIBA, ISVA and IRRV. A full list of these bodies can be viewed by clicking here. The only limitation is that such instructions cannot be accepted where the barrister takes the view that the involvement of a solicitor would be in the best interests of the client.  
  • Certain other persons and bodies approved by the General Council of the Bar under the 'BarDirect' scheme. Information about this can be obtained from any Clerk of a Chambers.  
  • While all PEBA Members whose details appear on this Web Site have experience in our specialist fields, clients must of course satisfy themselves about the suitability of a particular barrister for their matter.  
  • Public Access: Since July 2004, it has been possible for members of the public to instruct barristers directly, without the need to employ a professionally qualified intermediary, in relation to certain categories of work— notably the giving of legal advice. However, this applies only where the barrister concerned, and at least one clerk in his or her chambers, has been appropriately trained. Even then, it does not apply where the barrister considers that the case is complex and will require work to be undertaken by a solicitor or other qualified person, or that the interests of the lay client require the involvement of such a person, or that the proposed fee is insufficient.

For further details, the Bar Council's web-site ( should be consulted.

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